Idealogic’s Terms and Conditions

1.       Idealogic PDS Inc.’s sole service for which we have been engaged is to provide to you, based on a request received from you, the described services. The information provided to you by Idealogic PDS Inc. is that supplied to it by the appropriate Ministry, Department, or Agency, as the case may be. Idealogic PDS Inc. is not responsible or liable, in contract, tort or otherwise, for any damage or loss, including consequential damages and economic loss, suffered directly or indirectly,

a)       by reason of any error, inaccuracy and/or omission in the Information;

b)      by reason of any interpretation of, or use which may be made of, the Information.

2.       Any other service or assistance rendered by Idealogic PDS Inc. concerning the described services is given gratuitously and similarly without responsibility or liability in the same manner as mentioned in 1. above.

3.       All invoices rendered are due and payable upon receipt. For immediate questions, call us at our Idealogic Hotline (866) 506-9900 (Canada and USA)